Logo Gallery - Questionnaire

Welcome to our on-line logo design questionnaire!

Please browse these various logo styles and let us know which you feel have elements that reflect your brand (click on any of the logos below for a larger view), then scroll down below to fill out our brief intake form.


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What do you want your logo to say? ie: company name, your name, initials, etc.
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It's okay if none of the above seem to fit what you're looking for. Please answer the next question.
Please provide names and/or websites showing these logos or email screen grabs and/or jpgs to keriatchley@gmail.com.
ie: Script, serif, sans-serif, modern, clean, bold, thick, italics, paint brush, handwritten, aggressive, light, thin, condensed, display, etc.
ie: waves, people, facial elements, animals, musical notes or instruments, symbols, shapes, kites, clouds, grass, earth, molecules, map, state, characters, numbers/letters/lettermarks, etc.
ie: playful, modern, weathered, bold, scripty, simple, clean, serious, abstract, colorful, fun, cute, whimsical, child-like, elegant, flowy, vintage, etc.
ie: black, white, red, blue, light blue, navy, purple, neutrals, grays, shades of blue, gradients, etc.
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