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The Ultimate Go Anywhere Wine Glass - Customized and Personalized!

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dishwasher safe now!


The new govino dishwasher safe 16oz. Wine Glass is the ideal way to enjoy all types of wine whenever proper stemware isn’t available, or in settings where breakable glass is simply impractical. govino is made of an ultra-thin, flexible BPA-free polymer, which reflects a wine’s color and projects its aromatics much like fine crystal. It is shatterproof, reusable, recyclable and proudly made in the USA. *Classic Series (hand-washable) also available.


Contact us for Govinos with YOUR logo or event printed on the glass. Makes a great giveaway, wedding party favor or marketing piece!

Sample pricing for Customized Classic Series* Glasses with One Color single Imprint area:

4 cases - 288 Govinos = $1,195

5 cases - 360 Govinos = $1,475

6 cases - 432 Govinos = $1,755

7 cases - 504 Govinos = $2,035

Four case minimum. Allow approximately 3 weeks for custom orders.

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Where Wine Meets Design

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. The govino shatterproof wine glass was originally created as a trade tool to help professional salespeople showcase their wines whenever and wherever proper stemware isn't accessible – which as we learned firsthand, is often! Once we began testing the market, we realized there was an even bigger need for govino in the consumer sector, particularly at settings where breakable glass is an issue. After all, how many times have we all had to endure drinking good wine from bad glasses?

Why does the govino wine glass look and perform like crystal?

The govino wine glass is made from a proprietary, food/pharmaceutical safe polymer, only it is superior in that it reflects the wine's color and aromatics much like crystal. It is recyclable (#1) but better yet it is reusable.

Washing your govino wine glasses:

Hand wash only! Govino was designed for commercial use and can withstand most industrial glass sanitation systems (1-2 minutes at 160°F). Since domestic dishwashers are so widely varied, we cannot claim our product is 100% “dishwasher safe.”

Reuse it, abuse it, but eventually recycle it!

The govino wine glass is meant to be replaced after an extended period of use. Please inspect your govino wine glass before each use. Your wine deserves it!

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Govino is an elegant and innovative take on the traditional wine glass.   It is a new brand of stem-less wine glass, giving both the wine consumer and the wine industry a shatterproof wine glass that looks and performs like hand-blown crystal but at a fraction of the price.

The Govino wine glass is made of a high-quality, proprietary, food/pharmaceutical safe BPA-free PETG, which reflects the wine's color and aromatics much like crystal.

The composition makes Govino totally recyclable, but better yet Govino is reusable.   The ergonomic thumb-notch makes wine swirling easy and allows for a comfortable wine-drinking experience.


• Premium plastic wine glass

            • Designed for the proper swirling of wine

            • Crystal-like design

            • Stemless design for stability

            • Ergonomic thumb notch

            • 100% Shatterproof & Reusable

            • 100% BPA ( bisphenol-A ) FREE

            • Perfect for everyday indoor/ourdoor use


            Height: 4.4 inches

Volume: 6 oz up to the mid point of the thumb notch - 16 oz up to the brim