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Design the Experience

As designers, we're called to create the experience. In doing this, a logo isn't just a symbol that represents an organization or entity, a brand isn't just an easy way to keep track of products, and a website isn't just a presence on the internet. All of these things have grown to become experiences. 

A logo has become a representative image that tells a story of the entity. It not only gives an audience a visual tool to better recognize them, it provides a sneak peak into what exactly this entity stands for and aims to give it's consumers. 

A brand is not just a product anymore. Branding is developing the user's experience from point A (encountering the logo and brand title in all of its glory) to point B (buying into the item/service and becoming long-time customers). This changes everything that goes into the process of branding, hence why it is so long these days. The best part about it is that suddenly we have diverted our focus from the product to the customer. The audience is now in control of what is marketed, rather than the company/organization spending endless efforts on what they hope to be "convincing" advertising. 

These days, websites are basically viewed as a direct interaction with the company itself. Rather than sit for hours on a hotline in customer service, now we can easily access the information we need freely from the internet. This makes the quality of websites a HUGE importance. If your website provides little interaction, gives an experience of frustration, and isn't pleasing to the eye, what will your customers think of you as an organization? 

So - the purpose of designing has changed from simple visual aesthetics to utilizing those design principles while creating pleasant experience in all facets for each client.