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Mattie Kelly's Makeover

In late 2012, the Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation (MKAF) announced some major changes for their organization were just around the corner to honor the 18th year of the foundation's existence. 

Design360 was humbly honored when chosen to take on this re-branding project with the assistance of Tracy Louthain, of Tracy Louthain Communications, LLC. Our task soon became a labor of love as we worked to help the foundation develop into a new, more mature and recognizable organization. Not only did this include the MKAF brand logo, but each of it's individual programs also got a makeover. “She’s growing up,” joked Marcia Hull, Executive Director MKAF, in the March 2, 2013 article in the Northwest Florida Daily News, in response to the foundation's new look. The development has been deemed an overall success by the Board of Directors and members alike.

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