Throwback Thursday!


Check out the NEW 30A Pet Center in Gulf Place!

The only local resource in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, for complete PET CONCIERGE services including dog grooming and training, pet sitting, veterinary care and pet adoptions.

Located on the south end of Hwy 393, just before the intersection with Highway 30A,  on the "back row" of shops at Gulf Place.


New Website for Bistro Bijoux

After sitting for an epic in-house design meeting (almost 8 hours), not only do we have a great new site for Bistro Bijoux, but I have grown to absolutely love this client!  The owners of Bistro Bijoux are absolutely amazing to work witih.  So fun and so easy to please, and they are also the owners of RSVP Event Rentals. Another great site we are thrilled to have launched.

Sorry, forgot to grab a before photo...


Have you been to the Best Little Vet Under the Sun Yet?



Hopefully, you haven't had a need other than routine pet visits or their awesome grand opening... was that really almost a year ago?  Time flies.  Sigh.

Meet Dr. T, she is a rock star vet (with a rock star logo, website, wall graphics, window vinyl... ehem...).

Sorry, I don't think they offer vet sevices for flies. Not even the time ones.


New Website for RSVP Event Rentals

Cool site. AND Cool clients!






Look for Your Govino at GNO!

Proffitt PR is giving everyone who attends the September 2013 Girls Night Out (Thursday the 26th) .  These customized Govinos are proudly sponsored by Proffitt PR, RSVP Events, Beach Approved and Regatta Chiropractic.

Get your tickets here!


Proffitt PR's Girls’ Night Out is one of the Emerald Coast’s largest women-only social event for talented female professionals to come together to benefit a local charity. Since Christmas 2011, GNO has raised over $30,000 for local charities.



Another Happy Govino Customer!

On Aug 12, 2013, at 4:40 PM, Lisa wrote:

"Love LOVE the wine glasses Keri.  Thank you so much!"

Congratulations to Brandon and Lisa!




So many govinos!

Since July 4th of this year (2013), for some reason, our Govino business took off!  It's so exciting to be reaching such a broad national reach.  We've been filling orders in California, Missouri, Washington, Oregon, Texas and, of course, Florida.


If you mention this blog, you'll get 15% off your next order!


Upcoming Events at the Biophilia Center!

Check out these cool events coming up
at the E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center! 

Let us help with your next charity event!


Don't Kill the Creativity!

We found this article really interesting.. Is it possible you're killing the creativity in your home or office? Check out what 99u says The 5 Most Dangerous Creativity Killers are!


Need Real Estate?


...Call a Local.




Need a business identity that puts you at home?



Call Design360

(850) 307.5360

If you imagine less...



Kelsey Anna on Kickstarter!

Check out our friend Kelsey Anna on Kickstarter! She's a local singer/songwriter currently raising funds for her debut album, and our client Fletcher Isacks helped her out with the video! We have such a cool creative community growing around here. Give her a listen and maybe your support too!


Taking the leap!

Jump in. 

Today I encourage you to take the leap into unknown territory! Whatever that burning in our hearts, to start something, to be something, to take a risk that could change our lives: do something about it! We need more doers than thinkers. 

Make that change you've been thinking of, start that project you've put off, and begin something new! You're not getting any younger, so how much time do you think you have for that bucket list?


Today's blog is based upon a list of 43 lessons that Michael Tavani, co-founder and head of product at Scoutmob, shared as the speaker at this March’s Atlanta CreativeMornings event. This list is something that he compiled over years of experience, and has stated that these are things he learned the hard way. We'll be pulling quotes from this list for future blogs. 


Design the Experience

As designers, we're called to create the experience. In doing this, a logo isn't just a symbol that represents an organization or entity, a brand isn't just an easy way to keep track of products, and a website isn't just a presence on the internet. All of these things have grown to become experiences. 

A logo has become a representative image that tells a story of the entity. It not only gives an audience a visual tool to better recognize them, it provides a sneak peak into what exactly this entity stands for and aims to give it's consumers. 

A brand is not just a product anymore. Branding is developing the user's experience from point A (encountering the logo and brand title in all of its glory) to point B (buying into the item/service and becoming long-time customers). This changes everything that goes into the process of branding, hence why it is so long these days. The best part about it is that suddenly we have diverted our focus from the product to the customer. The audience is now in control of what is marketed, rather than the company/organization spending endless efforts on what they hope to be "convincing" advertising. 

These days, websites are basically viewed as a direct interaction with the company itself. Rather than sit for hours on a hotline in customer service, now we can easily access the information we need freely from the internet. This makes the quality of websites a HUGE importance. If your website provides little interaction, gives an experience of frustration, and isn't pleasing to the eye, what will your customers think of you as an organization? 

So - the purpose of designing has changed from simple visual aesthetics to utilizing those design principles while creating pleasant experience in all facets for each client.